Turn Signal

Turn signal

Durable and reliable: Turn signal automotive bulbs from Bosch meet the highest quality demands. They can be used in virtually every vehicle – at the front, rear and side. Their service life is significantly longer than is required by law.

Our star concept makes it easy for you to spot the special feature of each product line at first sight.

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Pure Light Pure Light Pure Light

Pure Light

Universal quality product range with all conventional automotive bulbs

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Longlife Daytime Longlife Daytime Longlife Daytime

Longlife Daytime

Halogen bulbs with up to 3 times longer service life, and up to 10% more light compared to standard halogen bulbs – also ideal as a daytime driving light.

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Specials Specials Specials


Automotive bulbs for particular areas of application: The Magic Effect turn signal bulb for clear glass headlamps, Rallye high power bulbs