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    A Safety Buffer for When it Counts

    Bosch provides airbag control units which are scaled to all vehicle classes through to the premium segment. The hardware and additional functions of these electronic occupant protection systems can be tailored to the most diverse customer needs.

    The "low price" vehicle class is becoming increasingly important for car manufacturers and buyers. Particularly strong growth in demand for cars of this class has been observed in emerging markets. These call for cost-optimized occupant protection electronics. With the airbag control unit AB light, Bosch offers a solution for basic occupant protection requirements and thereby extends its product family of airbag control units.

    Characteristics and Operating Principle:

    The centrally-sensing airbag control unit AB light is based on a standardized control unit concept. It builds upon tried-and-tested Bosch electronics components. AB light uses Bosch's own system ASICs. This consequent use of standardized components makes it possible to reduce project-specific development and tool costs. The number of components is significantly reduced.

    The airbag control unit AB light can be adjusted to many requirements, despite its standardized product approach. A system ASIC with four ignition circuits is available. An expansion to eight ignition circuits and two interfaces to peripheral sensors is possible thanks to the modular system which is used.



    • Specially adjusted to the basic requirements of the low-price-vehicle segment
    • Small size and reduced weight thanks to innovative housing and connector concept
    • Adaptable product concept based on standard components