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Wiper motors
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    All-Round Visibility Whatever the Weather: Wiper Systems and Motors

    Bosch may not be able to influence the weather, but it can ensure that drivers and passengers can see the road ahead. The highly developed Bosch front and rear wiper systems always guarantee a clear view. In addition to a perfect cleaning function, Bosch considers that low-noise operation and a long service life are important for ensuring that the driver feels comfortable and safe. Consequently, Bosch systems are used to clean the windscreens and rear windows of many vehicles.

    The Right Solution for Every Window: Drives for Windshield Wipers

    Differently sized windscreens require differently designed windscreen wiper systems. The individual adjustment of the wiper drive ensures efficient, reliable screen cleaning. It is important to use original Bosch wiper drives to ensure a clear view.


    The Reliable Solution for All-Round Visibility: Drives for Rear Wipers

    Safe driving also requires ongoing attention to following traffic. Especially for vehicles with a steep rear, visibility is often impaired in rain or on a wet road surface through dirty rear windows. Bosch rear wiper drives, wiper arms, and complete systems are perfectly adapted to the design, aerodynamics, and rear window of the vehicle.